What is Qbase?

QBASE is a community based blockchain project with the goal of providing media and content verification and rating services.

Using the QBASE blockchain as an immutable decentralized store of data, our goal is to provide a service to both creators and consumers of content to allow solutions to a number of challenges that we see in today’s world of digital content.

Our open community unlocks unlimited potential for alternate use cases, the latest of which is the Qbase Shop, where users can purchase brand new items using their mined or purchased QBS coins. As the community grows, so will our reach & potential.

Coin Specifications

Coin Name: Qbase
Ticker: QBS
Algo: x16s
Reward: 36.125 QBS
Block Time: 120 s
Maturity: 51 Blocks
Difficulty Retargeting: DGW3
MN Collateral: 10,000 QBS
POW Reward: 70%
MN Reward: 30%
Emissions Decrease: 15% every 60K blocks
Total Supply: 20,000,000 (20 million)
RPC port: 13741